"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's an old town

In my garden there are eggplants and yams Dioscorea growing bountifully

Tomorrow I will start growing chilies; they are always tasty on the Comal

I have a scarecrow to protect my garden

I have lived in this confederate state for five years now

The locals tell me about the trenches their ancestors were in during the war

They love smoking fine tobacco in their corncob pipes

Now what I find very perplexing is that they still refer to the African American

With the “N” word, they are silly people and I feel sorry for their ignorance

They can be quite unappealing and most of them wear dentures

What happened to their real teeth?

I am always sanguine with them (they think me to be stupendous)

I am empathetic with poor ones here

I love wearing glitter on my eyes it’s the colour of gold dust

I have a hat like Rembrandt used to wear

I enjoy visiting the graveyard of the dead soldiers dressed like this

But I always use my dirty jeans when going there

There are always people on the street corners selling French bread on Sundays

I usually buy some so I can eat it while sitting on the bridge on my way back home

I love to watch the baby calves suckle on their mothers on the farm next to my house

Aside from the racism here it is a super nice place to live

There can be a cornucopia to life if you just look for it

I read Horace on my front porch (oh how I love his prose)

I have taught myself translation of Latin to English

If you use the dichotomy method it is very simple to do

Tomorrow my friends and I are going to the bullfights

We have that event twice a year

They tell me that Ernest Hemmingway loved to come at this time to visit the town

Well it is time to visit the town centre

I had better get all dressed up with my hat and glitter

This is my favourite time of day

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