"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Colours in your life poets united thursday think tank #19 color

A colour that makes you think, might just be anger.
The colour of anger to some, is not the same for everyone.
Red. I pity the people who live in a bubble,
that has left them isolated. With no-one to care for. Blue.
Words are their weapon and a tool to hurt.
It´s like a bruise on first impact. Purple.
Time-takes care of harmful accusations and heartlessness.
It´s a forest filled with foliage. Green.
It´s like a wound disappearing. As you continue to exist. Yellow.

Black is created
Chartreuse can become mellow
Orange changes love

process notes:
I dedicate this poem to some of the unpleasant
people who I have had the misfortune of crossing
paths with.


  1. The bad and good experiences in our lives really can make us see things a certain way...kind of like "seeing red"...i understand. Wonderful post for the prompt Pamela. :-)

  2. Anger can be of many colors. Your examples show that well. Oh, if only those unpleasant people could read this poem!

  3. Carrie,
    Thanks and seeing red is always a possibility.

  4. Mary thanks and I am sure at least one of them will.

  5. Wow, I like how you describe each color and moods attached. I think of seeing red a anger, but know black and blue also can define this! Well Done~

  6. Thank you my dear and it is so true.

  7. Dear Pamela
    I would not want to get in your rainbow path!

  8. No, you wouldn't want to do that ninotaziz.

  9. Dear Pamela,
    I fully understand your recent anger. I have been seeing red and all firey colours myself very recently too. Also connected to a dishonest 'virtual' person.
    Hope all is good with you Pamela,
    Best Thoughts,

  10. Eileen,
    Hi, and thanks. I am actually getting over it. Though being insulted at a time when I just lost my brother to cancer. Well, that is really low.
    But I do consider the source. We don´t know who we are dealing with. Some people have no couth.