"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Esencial poets united poetry pantry #12 -- sunday scribblings #236 essential

While all the others watch with great wonder
Place the candles in the stands to burn,
with wicks too short to withstand time
Wax melts on open frames

Si bien todos los mira a los demás con gran maravilla
Coloque las velas en las gradas para quemar,
Con mechas demasiado corta para soportar el tiempo
La cera se derrite en los marcos abiertos

As I sing the sad song of years, gone and forgotten
You perceive goodness and heartbreak from all things
Bliss causes tidal waves of injustice and corruption
Catch the closeness of scum which lies upon the pond

Como yo canto la canción triste de los años, pasados y olvidados
Se percibe la bondad y la angustia de todas las cosas
felicidad hace que las ondas de marea de la injusticia y la corrupción
Captura la cercanía de escoria que se encuentra en el estanque

We pull back the curtains, let the breeze in
Open the windows of eternity
So that we can escape through the roughness
Only to spiral back on the downfall

Tiramos las cortinas, y dejar que la brisa en
abrir las ventanas de la eternidad
Para que podamos escapar a través de la rugosidad
Sólo una espiral de nuevo en la caída

Everything lost—becomes essential
Todo lo perdido—se convierte en esencial


  1. So many wonderful images in this poem. I like 'open the windows of eternity' very much! The ending is striking.

  2. Thanks Mary!
    I was feeling inspired with Spanish and wrote this yesterday. The translations might be a bit off. Since I am not an expert.

  3. How neat to read you were inspired with Spanish. Wonderful to be inspired in two languages! There are many layers of meaning in this poem. Lots to ponder in that last line!

  4. Wonderfully crafted work! Awesome post! =)


  5. What a lovely read, even though I don't understand Spanish. The verses in English are brimming with meaning and wonder...

  6. Oh I think this is my favorite of yours so far, Pamela. This is glorious! So melodic and musical, such depth and pathos."the sad song of years", "open the windows of eternity", and the summing up "everything lost becomes essential" - is perfection. I am wowed.

  7. I love the cojoining of the two languages - Spanish is such a sensual language. This is just fantastic - def one of my favorite poems of yours.

  8. two languages,
    double power...

    cool message, let eternity be born out of fire and failures...

    very powerful and beautiful poem, loved your new style,

  9. Dear Pamela,
    I loved this. Firstly, the poem. Strong, courageous, poignant.

    Secondly, the Spanish version. I loved listening to Sting's songs in Spanish and Portuguese. Your poem reminds me of those songs.

    Though I do not know Spanish, I watched telenovelas a long time ago and studied Italian and French. And I always enjoyed the sound of the language.

  10. ...Everything lost—becomes essential...

    ...luv that line...the bilingual posting is a nice touch.

  11. Pamela,
    I too appreciated the duel language aspect of your poem. I worked with some very old recall, to try and translate,( without referring to the English version!).
    A powerful and heartfelt piece of writing.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  12. 'Open windows of eternity' -very nicely written, great imagery.

  13. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
    I will sometime today get around to those of you who I missed. I am experiencing serious computer problems, argh!