"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things that were and now are not (my husband wrote this for me for RWP)

Bleeding … relentlessy

Those days are gone…

Squandered by relentless competition … and some love

Remembering an uneasy feeling when I started

How would they look at my poor attempt

And yet

I used to go to bed at night, content that things were right

I still do … when I write

Blues, yellows, greens, all those colors, I was so proud of


They were mine

And they still are

Still, somehow, contented by it all

I rest inside this lonely hall

Of poems that I could not write

Of poems that I might

And finally, after all of that

I still sit here with Back the cat

He’s shiny and healthy

Just like me

As I sit here smiling

Let this be my final thought of things that were and

now are not


  1. Congratulations on completing NaPoWriMo 2010!

  2. Thanks Andy.
    Nice to have met you. Hope to keep in touch.

  3. To Pamela's husband - a lovely poem ... RWP was a grand experience. It connected writers from all over the globe. Brought us together to celebrate our mutual passion and enthusiasm.

  4. lovely connection with a partner
    who can understand
    the thrill of writing
    and express it so well

  5. Marianne,
    Thanks my husband encourages me a lot.

  6. Janet,
    My husband is very supportive of my writing. So he wrote this as a dedication to napowrimo. Thanks

  7. Rall,
    I'll have a talk with him. But first tell me what's yours like?